2 years ago

Vintage Coffee Grinder

Baratza coffee grinder comes in many models like Baratza Maestro, Baratza Maestro Plus, Barista, Baratza Portaholder and Baratza Virtuoso range of coffee grinders. They are manufactured with the basic idea of grinding coffee of any preferred kind. read more...

2 years ago

Understanding The Basics Of Coffee Grinders

Compak is a subsidiary of Ascaso, one of Spain's oldest coffee equipment manufacturers, and this fine pedigree can be seen in the excellent industrial design and sleek look of their home coffee grinders.

A-8 is Compak's premium home model

2 years ago

Make Your Home glow With Antique Coffee Grinders

On the whole, blade grinders, the most common and least expensive type of grinder, work well in some common drip coffee makers, but less so in pump-driven espresso machines, which require the finer grind of an espresso coffee grinder. There's litt read more...